Ми - група європейських лікарів-спеціалістів з ВІЛ-інфекції,  об’єднані  Європейським клінічним товариством зі СНІДу (EACS) як молоді дослідники (YING). Війна  поставила під загрозу  допомогу людям, що живуть з ВІЛ в Україні та надання  послуг з ВІЛ , а також нашу колегу з України.
Ми зрозуміли, що не можемо стояти осторонь лише на словах. Тому,  ми започаткували ініціативу «#aware.hiv Україна потребує підтримки ».
#aware.hiv has been developed to reduce the number of HIV infections in the Netherlands down to zero. Our initiative is in line with the United Nations' aim of ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030.
#aware.hiv focuses on actively detecting people who are at an increased risk of HIV infection, namely the 7% of people living in the Netherlands with an undetected HIV infection.
The slogan ‘Dare to be aware’ stands for creating awareness about HIV indicator conditions and also for standardising an HIV test as part of the routine care for those with HIV indicator conditions.

“This is how we achieve 0 new HIV-infections in the Netherlands.”

An HIV infection is difficult to recognise and can therefore be present in your body for years without you being aware of it. However, there are certain HIV related indicators about which you or your doctor should be aware. These indicators are called HIV indicator conditions.
These conditions are generic and can affect anyone, but they are more common in people with an underlying HIV infection. They are often conditions that are manifested within your body when its immune system is compromised. They can also occur as conditions that you contract in a similar manner as contracting an HIV infection (through sexual contact or through blood-blood contact). These HIV indicator conditions can therefore be an indication of an undiagnosed HIV infection.
This is why we are committed to the advice stipulated in National Guidelines and by the World Health Organisation; namely, to test for HIV when HIV indicator conditions are diagnosed.

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