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Personal data

If you are a patient with us, participate in scientific research, follow a study, education, education or training with us, we process your personal data. You can read in the Privacy Statement what the processing of personal data entails, which personal data we process and for what purposes, what rights you have and who you can contact with questions about your privacy.
Erasmus MC handles the (personal) data of visitors that become available in the context of a visit to its website with the greatest care. Erasmus MC will therefore only use this (personal) data in accordance with the purposes described in this privacy statement.

Processing personal data

All data collected by our site will be treated with strict confidentiality. Personal data provided, for example by filling in a response form or making an appointment, are only used for the purpose for which they were provided and are not made available to third parties.

Processing data visit website

Erasmus MC collects and analyzes information about the use of the website, such as the number of visitors, the most visited pages and the duration of a visit. The program uses so-called 'cookies' (text files that are placed on your computer) to analyze how visitors use the site. More information about the cookie legislation and the use of cookies on can be found on the Cookies page. When processing our website statistics, the IP addresses of the visitors are anonymised: the last part of all IP addresses is removed, so that the country of a user can still be determined, but not the exact location.

Third Party Privacy Policy

This privacy statement does not apply to websites of third parties to which reference is made from our website. Erasmus MC is not liable for the content of these sites nor for the processing of personal data or other data by the administrators of these sites.


Do you have questions or comments about the protection of your privacy? Please contact the data protection officer (DPO) of the Erasmus MC via e-mail or by telephone +31 10 703 49 86.


Everything about the use of cookies on this website.


What are 'cookies'?

To collect and analyze information about the use of the website, Erasmus MC uses so-called 'cookies': small files that are sent along with pages of a website and stored by your browser.


Analytical cookies only does not use cookies to collect personal data or pseudo-animal data. We also do not use remarketing or personalization (so-called 'profiling') and we do not store IP addresses. We therefore do not use so-called tracking cookies: cookies that visitors can follow while surfing on other websites.
We only use cookies for research and web statistics, so-called analytical cookies. Erasmus MC does this to understand how visitors use the website. This information helps to improve the site and make it easier to use, for example by remembering the menu item you chose and search terms used for a next visit.
These types of cookies have no impact on your privacy. Because we also comply with all conditions (for example, we do not collect data for advertising functions and we do not share data with Google or other third parties), we do not need to ask you for permission to place our analytical cookies.


No Google

This website does not use Google Analytics but Piwik to measure website visits. Piwik is an open source web analytics package. Only Erasmus MC has access to the collected data in Piwik. The transition to Piwik has not yet been completed. For more information about Piwik see


Reject and delete cookies

You can refuse the use of cookies by changing the appropriate settings on your browser. You can delete the cookies manually, delete them automatically or refuse them, all at once or per site.
Instructions on how to manage and delete cookies in the various browsers can be found, for example, on the Microsoft website.
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