Europe is home to almost 3 million people living with HIV. The care for HIV/AIDS in one of Europe’s countries most affected by HIV, Ukraine, is threatened with the start of an unprecedented armed conflict in Europe. 
We are a group of HIV specialists physicians from across Europe in all its diversity but we are united through the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS) as Young Investigators (YING). The war endangers the care for people living with HIV in Ukraine and the HIV care providers on the ground there including one of our own YING colleagues. 
We felt we could not stand by with words alone. We therefore started the ‘#aware.hiv Ukraine dare to care’ initiative.


The 2 biggest needs now in Ukraine are antiretroviral medicines and financial means to support the logistics of HIV care on the ground.
You can help us with that. Through our YING network, we ensure that any support comes to the right place.
We sincerely thank you for your support. 
By facing these dark times together, we can lighten the future for those that need it the most now.

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Ukraine bears the second-largest HIV epidemic in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In 2019, the estimated number of people living with HIV in Ukraine was 250,777 and that year they reported 16,405 newly diagnosed HIV cases (4% more than in 2018) and 2977 AIDS related deaths.
The HIV epidemic is mixed in Ukraine. Prevalence of HIV among general population is 0.9-1%. This is higher among certain key population groups, where the HIV epidemic is concentrated: 22.5% among people who inject drugs, 5.2% among sex workers, and 7.5% among men who have sex with men.
Among 16,405 newly diagnosed in 2019, 73.6% of  HIV cases was contracted via sexual contact and 25.8% via blood to blood contact (for example sharing needles).
HIV cascade of care for people living with HIV

In 2017, Ukraine committed to the UNAIDS 90-90-90 Fast-Track targets. Achievements were that in 2019 68% (169,787 people) of all people living with HIV were aware of their status, 80% (136,105 people) of the people aware of their status were receiving HIV treatment and of those on treatment, 94% (127,866 people) have viral suppression (the virus is not detectable in blood).

Overall, this means that only 54% of all people living with HIV in Ukraine receive treatment and 51% have viral suppression.



On this website you can find further information on our initiatives now and in the future. We explicitly invite you to contact us when you are a HIV care professional or as interested visitor and want to support or connect, and also when you are a person with HIV in need due to the conflict. 


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